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Lead Management: As with coffee its preferred blended

Simply put, roasters try to give their consumers the best of a few different beans to make the coffee as complex as possible. A coffee with good mouth feel (e.g. Brazil) is no good without aroma (add some Papuan New Guinea) or aftertaste (add some Mexican Altura). Coffee aficionados love tasting single origin coffees to taste the nuances in those coffees, but if you are a café trying to maximize your revenue by satisfying as many people as possible, you will want to give them espresso with mouthfeel, aroma, aftertaste, good crema, acidity and smoothness but not bitterness. Lead management usually works best too when blended, even for those digital aficionados ….

Digital marketing has been revolutionary, but its effectiveness is a little more difficult to pin down. Among the few pieces of market research Implisit (now owned by Salesforce) presents some interesting themes that seem to ring true: : b2b-sales-benchmark-research-finds-some-pipeline-surprises​ B2B sales processes are complex, with myriad stakeholders and prolonged decision cycles. That’s why it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not. Implisit's research points to a very distinct pattern – higher conversions follow leads that have a higher level of engagement. Intuitively, this makes sense.

A B2B lead management program that aims to engage prospects including sharing relevant content using multi-channels is blended most effectively when there’s confidence in knowing the right time to pick up the phone and start talking.

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