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Data Privacy

AQL is fully compliant with data privacy legislation including GDPR

Achieving Quality Leads is a business-to-business development specialist and takes data privacy very seriously.

Whether working on behalf of our clients or on our own account, AQL only collects information about companies, organisations and individuals that work within them that is of 'legitimate interest'. That is to say information that only relates to products and services that AQL provides or are provided by clients where AQL contracts to work on their behalf. More specifically, information of legitimate interest applies to individuals' job roles including their work telephone numbers, their email addresses and other information that applies strictly to their positions within a company or organisation. This may include information from Linkedin. however, AQL does not use other social media such as Facebook to obtain personal information.

AQL uses a fully GDPR compliant customer relationship management platform within which we can monitor and implement any requests to remove data that applies to individuals.

All data provided by clients and used in connection with campaigns is the property of the client and is not used for any other activities. AQL will delete all data provided by clients when requested. However, if such data was subject to a request from an individual to remove their details AQL will retain evidence that such a request was actioned.

If there are any questions about data privacy please contact us.

This policy on data privacy was updated on 24th May 2018.


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