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AQL is for companies who offer value add services to the business market. We provide a skilled resource where there is a need to understand complex mult-faceted services and where they require a depth of knowledge to discuss them with prospects. This makes our skills especially suitable for clients seeking assistance with market research, surveys and prospecting for new customers. 

It is essential to use a succinct, attention-grabbing insight when starting a conversation. This applies in both digital and over the phone marketing. Opening a call, typically, should last no more than 25 seconds otherwise there is a risk that an ever time-short prospect will switch off. Tailored to reflect the different sectors targeted by the client, this insight can then be used across marketing communications to ensure a cohesive and relevant presentation of the company to prospects. It also provides a structure that can be used by the clients own teams or as the basis for training those teams. 

AQL generates qualified meetings with decision makers ready to talk business. Our consultants research prospects and find the right people gathering information to use in digital marketing and to build rapport in conversations. In these difficult times our approach will be even more sensitive to the circumstances of the prospect's capability to make decisions. We nurture a pipeline of sales leads for on-going prospecting for campaigns tailored to the needs of the client and their sales personnel. All our calls are recorded for training purposes ensuring we speak our clients' language.

AQL offers a range of over-the-phone research and survey services, including customer satisfaction and in-depth qualitative research. Working with the client's own data or carefully sourced by AQL this can be as standalone project or as a prelude to prospecting, as for example, in testing key sales messaging for a new value proposition. These forms of over-the-phone marketing projects are highly effective for achieving speedy results ahead of a new product launch or more extensive campaigning.

For clients who wish to improve the effectiveness of their in-house prospecting teams, AQL offers a unique assessment and training programme. Utilising AQL's AQUMEN tool our consultants will test and compare key sales messages. AQL consultants will impart proven techniques and coach the client's team on a one-to-one basis. After an intensive week long program, AQL will monitor calls remotely, using our own equipment and discuss recorded call examples, demonstrating improving results. This form of training is very cost-effective compared to more traditional methods.  

Key message generation
Lead appointment setting
Market research and surveys
Training in-house sales teams
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