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Embracing the Insanity

So much has changed since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. The huge impact on personal lives. The world of business turned upside down. And so many more working from home or remotely. Dogs and cats in the background. Maybe children wanting attention.

Now more than ever getting new business is a matter of survival for many firms. The mindset may be that it's the wrong time to try to sell. That’s not to say its ever been easy. With structural changes and spending cut backs getting decisions now may well take longer.

The AQL approach is methodical. Connecting with influencers and decision makers is no more difficult in the current environment. Sometimes it's a little easier with people sitting at home where a connection can be more personal. Often the working experiences are shared.

It's probably more important than ever to see things from the prospect’s perspective. This means recognising that a firm may not be in a position to take advantage of a product or service just at this time. But much can be done to collect and share information as a means of building a relationship until the time is right to ask for a decision.

Then there is the whole issue of face-to-face meetings. In the traditional sense the world has moved on and technology has levelled out opportunities for how meetings are conducted. Nothing can quite come up to meeting in person, but a prepared meeting online now comes pretty close and will be standard for some time. In fact, it may well become the new normal.

So at AQL we are working remotely as usual for our clients. With an increasing number of our prospects working from home our team are naturally empathic to those working in new environments, and sensitve to current COVID related issues.  Thus AQL’s more sensitive approach to understanding the prospect’s business perspective means that our client's introduction to talk serious business could be very timely for you.

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