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We've all been there. Its Friday afternoon, the phone rings and its someone pitching. Your heart sinks a little, but you're prepared to give the caller a chance. Then follows the briefest "How are you?.....fantastic" with caller talking for two minutes without giving you an opportunity to say anything.

The opening of a call to a new sales prospect should be scripted, but learned not read out. If it lasts more than 25 seconds there's a high risk the person on the other end of the phone will switch off.

It should always include who the caller is, the company they represent and something about the product or service that intrigues. Its a "What's in it for me?" moment for the prospect. Then end with an open question which engages. That starts a conversation. All in 25 seconds. Sounds obvious? Listen to the next sales call you receive and check these off!

The majority of sales calls I receive are rather like the person at the party who asks how you are and then without waiting for an answer talks non stop about themselves. Following with an open question gets the other person talking. Ask a closed question and a 'Yes' or 'No' answer doesn't get you very far when the prospect is itching to get you off the phone.

Sales calls often sound like the caller hasn't the faintest idea about the company or person they are calling. With many saying the digital marketing has replaced telemarketing, the day of traditional "cold" calling is over. But the idea that its now only about digital marketing is untrue. Sales strategies need to employ multi-channels and work techniques in conjunction with each other. Thats the key to successful results.

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