7 Nov 2017

The approaching EU General Data Protection Regulation will, potentially, have a major impact on all those in 2018 who retain personal information, including contact details for their business prospects. Although the legislation is ambiguous in places, it could well mak...

6 Jun 2017

Simply put, roasters try to give their consumers the best of a few different beans to make the coffee as complex as possible. A coffee with good mouth feel (e.g. Brazil) is no good without aroma (add some Papuan New Guinea) or aftertaste (add some Mexican Altura). Coff...

17 May 2017

The target is 50 sales leads a week, its Friday afternoon and the quota is short.

What should the tele-marketeer do .... speed up and make more calls or relax and be confident because the sales leads already made are gold quality?

Cold calling has been the mainstay of s...

3 Apr 2017

We've all been there. Its Friday afternoon, the phone rings and its someone pitching. Your heart sinks a little, but you're prepared to give the caller a chance. Then follows the briefest "How are you?.....fantastic" with caller talking for two minutes without giving y...

3 Apr 2017

Some say Brexit is responsible for companies holding back on their sales activities. Others say its responsible for increasingly hostile environment. But companies can hardly insulate themselves from Brexit no more than they can be insulated from the need to grow their...

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